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Cedar Island Campground Rules


We hope that you will choose to visit our park. We appreciate you observing the park rules so that everyone will have a pleasant and memorable camping experience.

1. Check In: RV, Motel and tent camper check in is 3:00 Pm. Check out time is 11:00 AM.
2. Site Use: Camping is limited to self-contained RV's, tents and pop-ups. No RV maintenance is allowed on site. Our sites are intended for use by one family. This family is able to have one camping unit for up to 2 adults and up to 2 children. We are not able to accommodate extended families in additional tents or camping units on the same site. This type of occupancy would require an additional camp site.
3. Noise: From 11 pm to 7 am there shall be no loud or disruptive noise or loud music of any kind permitted in the park. Repeat violators will be fined or removed.
4. Automobiles: Only one RV and one vehicle shall be permitted per lot. No maintenance may be performed on the property for any reason.
5. Vehicles: Sorry but no skateboards, ATVs or mini bikes are permitted on park grounds. We are unable to allow vehicle, boat or RV washing on site.
6. Golf Carts: Golf carts may be used within the park property only but must stay on designated paths or roads. You are responsible for your golf cart regardless of who operates it at all times. All guest owned golf carts must register in the office and must have proof of liability insurance. All golf cart drivers must be a licensed driver. Absolutely no children drivers or driving during quiet hours.
7. Speed Limit: Speed limit within the resort is 5 MPH at all times.
8. Registration: All vehicles, tent campers, golf carts, visitors and RVs must register at the Rental Office/Visitor Center before entering the park. All guests are subject to all park regulations.
9. Swimming: swimming is available on our beautiful beach from sun up until sun down at your own risk. There will be no lifeguards on duty at any time and you will swim at your own risk.
10. Garbage: Please keep your site clean from trash, cans, bottles, cigarette butts and dog poop. Please help us keep the property & your site clean & tie all trash bags. A dumpster is available on site for Cedar Island Resort guests only. Anyone caught littering on the grounds may be fined $75.00.
11. Environment: Cedar Island Resort works hard to protect the environment and conserve energy. Please help us by conserving water, turning lights and AC off when not needed, not littering and protecting our plants, animals and pristine beaches.
12. Picnic Tables may be brought to your site if they are available. Please let us know if you would like to request one and we will provide one for you if available. First come, first serve.
13. Fires: Fires are permitted in our fire rings that are in designated areas. Fire rings are permitted at your campsite but must be positioned as to not damage the grass. You must extinguish fires after use before you retire to protect the environment. Firewood may be available at certain times to purchase at the Rental Office/Visitor Center.
14. Bath house & Laundry – Bath house is for park guests only. Please keep doors closed at all times & help us keep them clean. Coin laundry facilities are located across the street at the end of the motel. Quarters are available at the visitor center or restaurant if needed.
15. Maintaining your site: All construction within the park such as decks, storage units or other structures must be approved in advance by management. Clotheslines are not permitted. Hanging clothes or towels on fences, trees, bushes, etc. is not permitted. Please do not store anything under your Camper.
16. Storage: Boats, trailers or other vehicles may not be stored at your campsite. Storage may be available if space is available by management. Please check with the Rental Office/Visitor Center for availability.
17. Power Outages: We may occasionally experience power outages including Wifi, water, electric or other utilities outside of our control. No refunds will be given for any power outages.
18. Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on the property at any time.
19. Firearms or any deadly weapons: Weapons must be licensed and kept under lock and key by all guests at all times. Any weapon unlawfully brandished or any endangerment of any guest, staff member or visitor on the property shall be subject to immediate expulsion with no refunds at any time by management.
20. All guests of Cedar Island Resort are considered transient and in no way is a reservation considered a lease. All guests are required and agree to leave on the date and time their reservation is up with absolutely no exceptions. Guests subject to expulsion agree to leave immediately with no exception.

* We are happy to launch our new fenced dog park that is being finalized as we speak. Park guests are welcome to use the dog park at any time during their stay. Please help us keep that area clean by cleaning up after your pet.
Outside of the dog park pets must be on a leash at all times. If your pet is tied up outside your RV, you must be outside with it.
* Pet owners must pick up after their pets. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the property. Please dispose of pet waste in the trash containers provided. NOT in THE BATHROOM TRASH CANS. Please help keep our park clean!
* Pets that bark incessantly (whether while left alone or with owners present) will prompt a request that the owners leave the Property with no refund.
* Limit of 3 animals per campsite
* Pets are not allowed inside any common area buildings or in bathrooms or showers. (Licensed service dogs allowed).
* Management reserves the right to refuse entry of pets or pet breeds having a history of aggressive behavior.

* Smoking is prohibited in all buildings
* Smoking in any motel room will result in a $250.00 fumigation fee. No questions asked.
* Please dispose of cigarette butts in appropriate containers, not on roads or grass. Thanks!
* We are proud of our restrooms and other activity areas. Please leave them as clean, or cleaner, than when you used them. Inform management if you observe any problem or if they are in need of cleaning.

*Violation of any of the rules of the RV park, motel or anyone disrupting the peace or pleasure of other guests will be subject to fines up to $100 or removal from the property. Persons Removed from the property will receive a prorated refund based on the posted daily rate. For example a monthly customer who pays $1000 and was removed from the property after 7 days would receive a $300 refund if the daily rate was $100.00.

Reservations made for daily stays must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled check-in or 100% of your reservation will be charged. Weekly reservations must cancel 3 days prior to scheduled check-in or 25% of your reservation will be charged. Monthly & annual reservations must cancel 14 days prior to scheduled check-in or 15% of your reservation will be charged.
Cancellations made with the required notice will receive a full refund less a $10 cancellation fee. You may change the date of your reservation (with required notice) one time with no fee if booked the same calendar year. All reservations made during a holiday week must cancel within 7 days of their reservation to receive a refund. Cancellations made inside of 7 days will be billed the entire amount of their stay. No exceptions.

ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE made by (PHONE OR EMAIL) ecm197815@gmail.com or 252-515-0201